Cudzoziemka / Anna Ratajczyk

Vernissage: Saturday, April 28th 2018 at 18.30

Starting from the eighties of the last century, a new sensibility allowed some artists to reconcile experiential conceptuality and object formality on the representation of the human body.

The subject is no longer a pretext to show pure formal values; a relationship is set between the experience of the subject and the object.

Add to this an attitude considered for a long time exclusive to the amateur, taking snapshots without showing of technique, which has considerably changed the way we look and tell.  It is exactly with this spirit that Anna Ratajczyk built Cudzoziemka.  Let’s start from the title. This word: Cudzoziemka – which we may not know – leaves a feeling of emptiness, it is only a sound.  Cudzoziemka means foreigner. The shift from language to language creates a relationship and it becomes comprehensible only through a translation, it moves space and time of stories, stratifies levels of reading, reveals what it’s hidden. Who does it refer to? To everyone who had to make choices, often burdened by the uncertainty of their own safety, which asks questions about the future.  Except for a shot in which Anna is photographed as a fighter of a symbolic and very personal war and a self-timer, the other photos represent people she’s close to, staged according to an emotional ranking.We are fully aware that what we are looking at is the reconstruction of a memory.



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